Q Mobiles is a consumer electronics company in Pakistan which mainly deals in Smartphones. The head quarter of Q mobiles is located in Karachi, Pakistan. Q Mobiles is the largest mobile phone brand in Pakistan. About 20 million mobile phones are sold on monthly basis under QMobile brand name. Launched in 2009, Q Mobiles has become one of the largest local mobile phone brand in Pakistan. Q mobiles are cost efficient and durable.

Q Mobiles has introduced many mobile phone series with touch screen, QWERTY Keyboard, Android OS and built in Wi-Fi features. However, Q Mobiles does not manufacture any mobile sets in Pakistan, rather it imports mobile phone parts from china and assembles it in Pakistan.

Q Mobile A1 is one of the popular smartphones by Qmobile in Pakistan. This smartphone is a complete package for the mobile phone users with Smart Features.

Q Mobile Features and Specifications:

All of the QMobile sets are equipped with following common features:

  •         Touch Screen
  •         Android OS
  •         Built in Wi-Fi
  •         Long Battery life
  •         HD Color Resolution
  •         Bluetooth Support
  •         Built in Torch
  •         Maps and Navigation
  •         Android Application Support

Q mobile is a well-known mobile phone brand in Pakistan with user friendly features. The built in Wi-Fi enables a mobile phone user to connect with the internet. The built in torch allows you to find things in complete darkness. Maps and Navigations are helpful to find your locations. You can download and enjoy any Android application through Google Play Store at Android smartPhone.

Q Mobile prices in Pakistan:

Being the first local mobile phone brand in Pakistan, Q Mobile has penetrated deeply in mobile phone market in Pakistan. You can find Q mobile stores in any city of Pakistan. However, Q Mobile Prices in Pakistan depend on the Q Mobile Model, cost price and features. You can also check the Q mobile i8i, Q mobile infinity, Qmobile s8, Q mobile new model price here on this page.