Samsung Mobiles is a sub company of Samsung Group in South Korea, which works under the Mobile Telecommunication division of Samsung Corporation. Though, Samsung designs and manufactures many electronic products but Samsung Mobiles are well known for their smart design and High Color resolution.

After the death of Lee Byung-chul in 1987, the founder of Samsung Group, Samsung entered in Mobile market through the mobile telecommunication division. Today, it is the largest mobile brand in the world by the unit sales. Samsung has introduced many mobile series which include Galaxy Series and Note Series.

Samsung Galaxy Series was introduced in 2010 and since then it has been the most popular mobile phone series among the mobile users. The common features of Galaxy Series are High Mega Pixels Camera Quality, High Color Resolution, Dual Sim Features, Mobile internet, Maps and Navigation and long battery timing. With these smart features, Samsung Smart Phone has become the only competing mobile phone brand of Apple’s IPhone series.

Samsung Galaxy Series is further divided into S ad J series. Thus, Samsung has provided vast featured Smartphone to the common people with advance technology. You can choose from any of these mobile models according to your requirements.

The other mobile phone series is named as Samsung Note Series. The most well-known advance feature of Samsung note series is “S Pen”, which allows you to draw and doodle on your Note Mobile through a stick. Samsung has introduced many new and advanced innovations in the mobile market and the Samsung Note Series is one of them. Some of the famous mobile from Samsung Note Series are Samsung Note S6, Samsung Note S7, Samsung Note S8 and Samsung Note S9.

Samsung Mobile Price in Pakistan:

Samsung supplies vast variety of Mobile phone models in Pakistan. However the price of a Samsung mobile phone may vary depending on the features and technology. You can buy a Samsung Smart phone at the minimum price of 8,000. However, the maximum cost of the Samsung Mobile phone reaches to the 80,000 Pakistani Rupees. You can also check Samsung j6 price in Pakistan here on this page.

Samsung owns many outlets and wholesale shops in the major cities of Pakistan. You can go any of these outlets and buy your required Samsung mobile phone.