Baby Names With Origin arabic

arabic Baby names meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days.

Aabad Time عباد
Aaban 8th Persian month, angel of iron آبان
Aabid worshiper, devotee عابد
Aabida worshiper, devotee, devout عابدہ
Aabideen worshipers عابدین
Aabinus ebony آبنوس
Aabis austere, stern آبص
Aabzari Seeds, One who sows عابزاری
Aadab in muslim meaning is hope and need ادب
Aadeel just عدیل
Aadheen Obedient,Submissive. آدھین
Aadhil Honorable Judge عادھل
Aadil just عادل
Aaeedha Visiting, Returning, Reward ايده
Aaeesha Life, Vivaciousness, عيشا
Aaf Forgiveness, Forgiving آف
Aafaaq Horizon Collecting Blessed آفاق
Aafia Away from all Problems, good health, vigour, vitality عافیہ
Aafiq Honest افق
Aafreeda created, produced آفریدہ
Aaghaa master, owner آغا
Aahad Individual, Harmony, Oneness, Unity, One, Single, احد
Aahd Pledge, knowledge احد
Aahid the commitment احد
Aahin Ascetic آهن
Aahoo “gazelle” آھو
Aaida Visiting, returning. ایدہ
Aaiez depandent عائز
Aaisha Well-off, Prosperous عائشة
Aa'ishah a lively person عائشہ
Aaiz liquid gold,Replacement عايز
Aakhil World اخل
Aakif given, attached عاکف
Aakrama A famous companion of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) اکرمہ
Aalam world, universe عالم
Aalamgeer conqueror of the world عالمگیر
Aalee Sublime, High الے
Aaleyah exalted, highest social standing عالیہ
Aali sublime عالی
Aalia in muslim meaning is exalted; highest social standing عالیہ
Aalif affectionate آلف
Aalim wise عالم
Aaliyah in hawaiian meaning is high exalted; to ascend عالیہ
Aamaal hopes. aspirations, wishes اعمال
Aamad intended to عامد
Aamal Hope, Expectation, Aspiration. اعمال
Aameen faithful, trustworthy آمین
Aameer leader امیر
Aamer ruler, who ordered آمر
Aamil worker, effective عامل
Aamin god have it so آمین
Aamir populous, full, prosperous, amply settled, civilized. also used to refer to a prince or ruler عامر
Aamna Balouch Peace, آمنہ بلوچ
Aandaleeb the bulbul bird عندلیب
Aaqaa master, owner آقا
Aaqib in sindhi meaning is follower عاقب
Aaqifa devoted آقیفہ
Aaraa embellishing, adorning. آرا
Aarfah Mystic, Wise, Pious, Devout, ارفعہ
Aarib handsome, healthy. عارب
Aarif acquainted, knowledgeable, devotee عارف
Aas naga keep names of the leading sahabi عاص
Aasaf clear, lined up آصَف
Aasfa Protector, guardian. آصفہ
Aasil to attack violently and persistently اصیل
Aasim in muslim meaning is protector عاصم
Aasimah in sindhi meaning is protector, defendant, central اسیمہ
Aasiyah Pharaoh's wife who embraceD lslam آسیہ
Aasma Dair karnay wali آسما
Aasmaa in muslim meaning is excellent; precious اسماء
Aatazaz be dear اعتزاز
Aatifah “affection”, “emotion عاطفہ
Aatiq young woman عتیق
Aatiqa Independent عاتقہ
Aatoon educator, teacheress اتوں
Aatun educator, teacheress. اتن
Aauf Guest, fragrance, lion, Name of a Sahabi عوف
Aaus A name of a tree عاوس
Aawaz melody”, “tune”, “song” آواز
Aawf lion,sahabi عؤف
Aayiz replacement عايِض
Aazaad variant of azad independent, free آزاد
Aazad free, independent آزاد
Aazam supreme, powerful اعظم
Aazeen Beauty اذین
Aazim Intending, determining, resolved on اعظم
A'azz mightier, stronger, dearer, more beloved عاز
Abaab oftnessl gracefulness of youth, healthy, plump, tall اباب
Abaal “brilliant”, “lucid”, عَبال
Abaan old arabic name ابان
Abaas Name of the prophet's S.A.W uncle عباس
Ababil crowd, band, swallow ابابیل
Abad everlasting, eternal عباد
Abadah endurance, durability, strength, worshippers عبادہ
Abadard prosperous ابدرد
Abadi eternal, endless, immortal آبادی
Abadilat God's man عبادلت
Abahat Correct, Accurate اباحت
Abaid god's worshipper; god knows عبید