Baby Names With Lucky Number 3

Baby Names With Lucky Number 3 meaning in english and urdu with origin, lucky colors, and lucky days.

Aabhass awareness ابھاس
Aabis austere, stern آبص
Aaddhar foundation آدھر
Aafa forgive made the mistake عافہ
Aaghaa master, owner آغا
Aahuk god gift احک
Aaied the relapse عائد
Aaleyah exalted, highest social standing عالیہ
Aandaleeb the bulbul bird عندلیب
Aanisah young lady, maiden انیسہ
Aaniya beautiful آنیا
Aanshi god's gift انيسه
Aanshika a part آنشیکا
Aanu full of pride انو
Aanwika an atom آنویکا
Aanya different; goddess durga; graceful آنیا
Aaoka lustrous اوکا
Aapa big sister آپا
Aapeksha passion; being passionate آپکشا
Aapt friend; faithful; trustworthy اپت
Aapta proximity اپتا
Aapti fulfilment اپتی
Aaqaa master, owner آقا
Aara adoring آرا
Aaraadhana worship; prayer آرادھنا
Aariana resembling silver / one who is holy آریانہ
Aarielle a lion of god آرییللی
Aarumugham another name for god murugan آرمگھم
Aarurdoss one who is in everyone آروردوس
Aaryesh the king of arya آریش
Aasi very beautifull girl; mirror اسی
Aasim in muslim meaning is protector عاصم
Aasit black stone آست
Aasmaa in muslim meaning is excellent; precious اسماء
Aasmi i am soul اسمی
Aasra anchor آسرا
Aasta faith; trust آستا
Aastha devotee of god; faith; unknown آستھا
Aasthaa faith; desire to achieve استحا
Aasthika faith استحکا
Aastik who has faith in god آشتک
Aasvi blessed اسوی
Aathi sun; first اٹھی
Aava bird/ from the water اوہ
Aazam supreme, powerful اعظم
Aazvaar practical ازوار
Abadilat God's man عبادلت
Abahh al-abahh was the nickname of al hasan ibn ibrahim, an astrologer of al mamun أباه
Abala immovable; the earth ابلا
Abannak firm, strong آبَننَک
Abd Al Hakim servant of the wise عبدالحاکم
Abdal Aziz servant of the mighty one عبد العزیز
Abdal Hakim servant of the wise one عبدالحاکم
Abdal Mufi servant of the donor عبد المفی
Abdaorabeedah worshipper ابداورابیدہ
Abdel Aziz servant of the mighty one عبد العزیز
Abdel Gawwad servant of the noble one عبدالگواد
Abdel Hakim servant of the wise one عبدالحاکم
Abdel Mufi variant of abdal mufi servant of the donor عبد المُفی
Abdhija born in sea; goddess lakshmi ابدہیضہ
Abdul Adl servant of the just عبدلعدل
Abdul Azeez servant of the mighty, powerful عبد العزیز
Abdul Aziz variant of abdul-azeez servant of the mighty. the powerful عبد العزیز
Abdul Barr in sindhi meaning is servant of the source of goodness. عبد البر
Abdul Hakeem in sindhi meaning is servant of the wise. عبد الحیکم
Abdul Hakim one who serves a wise man عبد الحکیم
Abdul Jawwad slave of the bountiful عبدل جواد
Abdul Kabir slave of the great عبدل کبیر
Abdul Muhsin slave of the benefactor عبدل محسن
Abdul Mutakabbir servant of the superb عبدل متکببر
Abdul Nafi servant of the benefactor عبدل نفی
Abdul Nur in sindhi meaning is servant of the light. عبد النور
Abdul Vajed servant of the finder عبدل واجد
Abdul Waajid servant of the finder عبدل واجد
Abdul Wajid servant of the finder عبدل واجد
Abdul Waris servant of the survivor عبدل وارث
Abheek fearless ابھیک
Abheenav new ابھینو
Abhibhava overpowering ابھیبھوا
Abhihava most intelligent ابھیھوا
Abhijata well born (woman) ابھیجاتا
Abhijin the most auspicious moment ابھیجین
Abhijina skillful; clever; remembrance ابھیجینا
Abhijith one who is victorious ابھیجیتھ
Abhik beloved; fearless ابھیک
Abhikhya beauty; splendour; fame آبھخیا
Abhimanyusuta son of abhimanyu ابھیمانیستا
Abhinand celebrating ابھینند
Abhipreeti full of love ابھیپریتی
Abhipsha wish; desire ابھیپشا
Abhiraj fearless king ابھیراج
Abhiraksa one who protects ابہراکسا
Abhiram lovely; pleasing ابھیرام
Abhiroopa delightful; beloved ابھیرووپا
Abhiruci good interest آبھرُکی
Abhisar companion ابھیسار
Abhiyanta an engineer ابھیانتا
Abhraganga the celestial ganga ابھراگنگا
Abhramu steady; clear ابھرامو
Abir aroma; strong عابر