Baby Names With Lucky Number 5

Baby Names With Lucky Number 5 meaning in english and urdu with origin, lucky colors, and lucky days.

Aabhas the sense or feelings ابھاس
Aabid worshiper, devotee عابد
Aabish queen of iran, daughter of saad آبش
Aadhishankar sri shankaracharya; founder of adwaitha philosophy آدھیشنکر
Aadi first; most important آدی
Aaeedah visiting, returning, reward ايده
Aaghnya born from fire; goddess lakshmi اغنیا
Aahna exist آھینا
Aahwaana invitation اہوانا
Aamir populous, full, prosperous, amply settled, civilized. also used to refer to a prince or ruler عامر
Aamod pleasant آمود
Aan glory, honor, type آن
Aana a woman graced with god آنا
Aanadi always happy آندی
Aanan face آنان
Aanandamayee blissful mother آناندمیے
Aanandi always happy woman آنندی
Aanandini blissful; joyful آناندنی
Aanandita purveyor of joy آنانڈٹا
Aanandmayi happy nature آناندمیی
Aanavi one with a heart like ocean انوی
Aanchal protective shelter of mother آنچل
Aani Fatimah Khatoon she was a literary woman and a poetess in qastaniniyah آنی فاطمه خاتون
Aanick Merciful انیک
Aanjay Unbeatable انجے
Aansh portion آنش
Aaratrika dusk lamp below tulsi plant آراتریکا
Aarianna resembling silver / one who is holy آریننا
Aaronn exalted one آرون
Aarpan giving away آروپن
Aarpit to donate آرپٹ
Aarron exalted one آرون
Aarsh crown آریش
Aasil to attack violently and persistently اصیل
Aavani first month of tamil calendar; tamil month name اونی
Aayansh sun عاینش
Abad everlasting, eternal عباد
Abaid god's worshipper; god knows عبید
Abaj eternity آباج
A'baloch sweet,sugar candy آبلوچ
Abanna tall, strong ابننا
Abd Al Alim servant of the all-knowing عبد العلیم
Abd Al Bari servant of allah عبد الباری
Abdal Rahim merciful عبد الرحیم
Abder Rahim variant of abdal rahim servant of the compassionate عبد الرحیم
Abdi abbreviated form of abdul عبدی
Abdiel servent of god ابدیل
Abdud Daar servant of the depriver عبدل دار
Abdul Aleem servant of the omniscient عبد العلیم
Abdul Alim variant of abdul-aleem servant of the omniscient عبدالعلیم
Abdul Baari servant of the creator عبد الباری
Abdul Badee slave of the originator عبد لبدی
Abdul Badi servant of the incomparable عبد ل بدی
Abdul Baith servant of the resurrector عبدل بیت
Abdul Bari variant of abdul-baari servant of the creator عبد الباری
Abdul Mueed slave of the restorer, the reproducer عبدل معید
Abdul Mueid servant of the restorer عبدل معید
Abdul Muhsen variant of abdal muhsin servant of the charitable one عبد المحسن
Abdul Muqtadir in sindhi meaning is servant of the powerful. عبد المقتدر
Abdul Raheem variant of abdul-rahim servant of the most compassionate عبد الرحیم
Abdul Rahim servant of the most compassionate عبد الرحیم
Abdur Rahim one who serves a compassionate man عبد الرحیم
Abdus Subbooh slave of the extremely pure عبدل صبوح
Abed worshipper, adorer عابد
Abeed servant, worshiper of god, hermit عبید
Abheest wanted; desired ابھیست
Abhey fearless ابھے
Abhi fearless; better than best ابھی
Abhibhu conquer ابھیبھو
Abhigam perception ابھیگم
Abhigeet praised in song ابھیگیت
Abhijaat well born ابھیجات
Abhijaya conquest; complete victory ابھیجیا
Abhimani full of pride ابھیمانی
Abhinabhas famous ابھینابھاس
Abhinash actor ابھیناش
Abhinaya actress; action ابھینایا
Abhipriti full of love ابھیپریتی
Abhipsa to know about god ابھیپسا
Abhirka wife of cowherd ابھریکا
Abhiroop handsome ابھیروپ
Abhirup pleasing ابھیروپ
Abhisarikaa the beloved one ابھیسریکا
Abhishu ray of light ابھیشو
Abhisneha love; longing ابھیسنہا
Abhisri surrounded by glory; shining; powerful ابھیسری
Abhisu ray of light ابھیسو
Abhitha fearless; goddess parvati ابھیتھا
Abhivachan good word ابھیواچان
Abhivadak one who salutes with respect ابھیوداک
Abhivadaka a devotee ابھیوڈاکا
Abhivibha illuminating ابھیویبھا
Abhja water lily ابہجہ
Abhranti without error ابھرنتی
Abhrayanti forming clouds; bringing rain ابھریانتی
Abhyudita elevated; prospered; raised ابھیےیودیتا
Abia great. ابیا
Abid god's worshipper; god knows عابد
Abida worshipper عابدا
Abidan my father is judge عابدن