Baby Names With Lucky Number 7

Baby Names With Lucky Number 7 meaning in english and urdu with origin, lucky colors, and lucky days.

Aabharan jewel ابھارن
Aadab in muslim meaning is hope and need ادب
Aadarsha ideal آدارشا
Aadarshini idealistic آدارشینی
Aadavan sun اداون
Aadhana being first ادھنا
Aadhaya first power آدھایا
Aadhilakshmi summer sun آدیلاکشمی
Aadhirai a special star آدھیری
Aadhunik modern; new ادھنیک
Aadhya beginning; first power ادھیا
Aadhyaa goddess durga ادھیا
Aadila just, honest, equal, upright ادلا
Aadishree exalted عہدیشرے
Aadita begining ادیتا
Aaditi beginning ادیتی
Aaditri godess lakshmi آدیتری
Aadrika goddess; mountain آدریکا
Aadrita adorable آدریتا
Aadvay unique آدوے
Aadvika unique آدویکا
Aadya one who is always first and best; name of adisakthi; parvathi ادیا
Aafiya good health, bin ayyub had this name, he was a narrator of hadith عافیہ
Aafreeda created, produced آفریدہ
Aagyey unknown آغعے
Aahnik prayer آھنیک
Aahwaanith one who has been invited; wanted اھوانیتہھ
Aaina mirror آئینہ
Aa'ishah a lively person عائشہ
Aakaanksha wish or desire آکانکشا
Aakaksha desire آککشا
Aakanksha desire آکانکشا
Aakansha desire آکنشا
Aakarsha above everybody اہکارشا
Aakarshaka attractive اہکارشاکا
Aakarshana attraction اہکارشانہ
Aakarshika having attractive power اہکارشکا
Aakashi sky colour آکاشی
Aakeen faith اکین
Aaliyah in hawaiian meaning is high exalted; to ascend عالیہ
Aaliyan High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb عالیان
Aaloka lustrous آلوکا
Aamaal hopes. aspirations, wishes اعمال
Aamad intended to عامد
Aamanda one who is much loved امنڈا
Aamirah a woman inhabitig in a place اميره
Aamiya nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright عامیا
Aamodini pleasureable آمودنی
Aamrapali leaf of mango tree آمراپلی
Aamukta shelter آمکتا
Aaraa embellishing, adorning. آرا
Aarati towards the highest love for god; form of worship; divine fire in ritual آرتی
Aariel a lion of god آریل
Aarshabh its an another name of sri krishna آریشبھی
A'azz mightier, stronger, dearer, more beloved عاز
Abakhtar planet, north اباختر
Abalendu the full moon ابالنڈو
Abbad worshiper of allah ابُد
Abbas lion, grim-faced, stern; the name of one of mohammed's uncles ; (hebrew) father عباس
Abd Al Jabbar servant of the mighty عبد الجبار
Abd Al Qadir name of God in the Qur'an عبد القادر
Abd Khayr khayr is all kinds of goodne عبدل خیر
Abdal substitutes, persons by whom god continues the world in existence عبدل
Abdal Ati servant of allah عبد العطی
Abdal Hamid servant of the praiseworthy one عبد الحامد
Abdal Jabbar variant of abdal-jabir servant of the comforter عبد الجبار
Abdal Jabir servant of the comforter عبد الجبار
Abdal Malik servant of the king عبد المالک
Abdal Qadir name of God in the Qur'an عبد القادر
Abdallah servants of allah عبداللہ
Abdan is derived from abd أبدا
Abdel servant of god عبدل
Abdel Ati servant of allah عبد العطی
Abdel Hamid servant of the praiseworthy one عبد الحامد
Abdel Lafif variant of abdal lafif servant of the kind one عبدا لفیف
Abdel Malik variant of abdal malik servant of the king عبد المالک
Abdel Qadir variant of abdal qadir servant of the capable عبد القادر
Abdiqani qaniyare ابدیقانی
Abdu worshiper of god (swahili origin ) ابدُ
Abdualla God's man عبداللہ
Abdul servant of god عبدل
Abdul Bais slave of the one who raises عبدل بائس
Abdul Ghafoor servant of the forgiver عبد الغفور
Abdul Ghafur variant of abdul-ghafoor servant of the forgiver عبدالغفور
Abdul Haafiz servant of the protector عبد الحفیظ
Abdul Hadeem variant of abdul-hakim one who serves a wise man عبد الحدیم
Abdul Hafeez one who serves the master عبد الحفیظ
Abdul Hafiz servant of the guardian عبد الحفیظ
Abdul Hameed variant of abdul-hamid servant of the praiseworthy. the ever-praised عبد الحمید
Abdul Hamid servant of the praiseworthy, ever-praised عبد الحامد
Abdul Haseeb servant of the respected, esteemed عبد الحسیب
Abdul Hayy servant of the living عبدل حئی
Abdul Jabaar servant of the mighty عبدالجبار
Abdul Jabbar one who serves the comforter عبد الجبار
Abdul Jabir variant of abdul-jabir servant of the comforter عبد الجابر
Abdul Jame servant of the gatherer عبدل جامی
Abdul Lafif variant of abdal lafif servant of the kind one عبدا لفیف
Abdul Malik servant of the sovereign lord. عبد المالک
Abdul Moakhir servant of the retarder عبدل موخر
Abdul Muhsi servant of the reckoner عبدل محثی