Baby Names With Lucky Number 8

Baby Names With Lucky Number 8 meaning in english and urdu with origin, lucky colors, and lucky days.

Aaarti worship اارتی
Aab shine اب
Aabha glow ابھا
Aabharana jewel آبہرانا
Aabher Name of dynasty آبھیر
Aabroo honour, fame, dignity عبرو
Aadhi Mulam one who is very first of everything آدھی مولم
Aadhira moon آدھیرا
Aafi to forgive عافی
Aafreen brave, acclaim آفرین
Aagney son of the fire god آغنی
Aahid the commitment احد
Aahil prince آھہل
Aahir dazzling; brilliant آھیر
Aahish blessing of god آھیش
Aahlaad delight آہلاد
Aahlaadith joyous آلادتھ
Aalia in muslim meaning is exalted; highest social standing عالیہ
Aalimah scholar, authority اليمه
Aaliya high; tall; towering; excellent عالیہ
Aamilah doer of good deeds, righteous آملہ
Aamini spring season امینی
Aanand joy آنند
Aanav ocean انو
Aaratrikia the dusk lamp beneath tulsi plant آراتریکیا
Aarchi comic آرچی
Aaria a beautiful melody آریا
Aas naga keep names of the leading sahabi عاص
Aasaf clear, lined up آصَف
Aasaithambi power of self respect آسایتھامبی
Aasamana power of self respect آسمانا
Aasha wish آشا
Aashadhar one who keeps hope آشدھار
Aashank faith آشانک
Aashay summary; gist آشے
Aashish blessings اشیش
Aashlesh to embrace عشلیش
Aashman son of the sun آشمان
Aashray dependable آشرے
Aashresh clever آشریش
Aashrith ruler; lard vinayaka آشرتھ
Aashutosh one who fulfills wishes instantly آشتوش
Aashvi blessed عاشوی
Aasia hopeful آسیا
Aasimah in sindhi meaning is protector, defendant, central اسیمہ
Aasira bond أسيرة
Aathirai red star آتھیرائی
Aatun educator, teacheress. اتن
Aayla from the oak tree ایلا
Abadi eternal, endless, immortal آبادی
Abann tall, strong ابن
Abasi stern عباسی
Abbasi pertaining to abbas عباسی
Abd Manaf servant of manaf عبد المناف
Abdah nick name of abdur - rehman ابداه
Abdal Lafif servant of the kind one عبد الطیف
Abdeel a cloud of god. عبدیل
Abdul Aakhir servant of the last عبد الاخر
Abdul Adheem servant of the most great عبدل ادھیم
Abdul Baasit servant of the extender, creator عبد الباسط
Abdul Basit variant of abdul-baasit servant of the extender, creator عبد الباسط
Abdul Hannan slave of the merciful عبدل حنان
Abdul Haq servant of the truth عبدالحق
Abdul Haqq in sindhi meaning is servant of the truth. عبد الحق
Abdul Kafi servant of the all-sufficien عبدل کافی
Abdul Lateef variant of abdul-latif one who serves a kind man عبد الطیف
Abdul Latif slave of the subtle one عبد الطیف
Abdul Momit servant of the death-giver عبدل مومیت
Abdul Muiz servant of the giver of might and glory عبدالمعز
Abdul Mu'izz in sindhi meaning is servant of the honourer. عبد المعز
Abdul Mumin servant of the giver of faith عبدل مومن
Abdul Muqeet slave of the sustainer عبدل مقیت
Abdul Muttalib slave of the one who seeks عبد المُطلب
Abdul Qahaar servant of the subduer, almighty عبدالقہار
Abdul Qahhar servant of the subduer. عبد القہار
Abdul Raafi' servant of the one who raises (intellect, esteem), elevates عبدالرفیع
Abdul Samee' servant of the all-hearing عبدالسمیع
Abdul Vakil servant of the implementor عبدل وکیل
Abdul Waali slave of the governor عبدل ولی
Abdul Wakil servant of the trustee عبدل وکیل
Abdul Wali servant of the governor عبدل ولی
Abdul Waliy servant of the protecting عبدل ولی
Abdul Warith in sindhi meaning is servant of the supreme inheritor. عبد الوریتہ
Abdur Rashid one who serves a righteous man عبد الرشد
Abdus Sabour servant of the patient عبدل صبور
Abdus Shafi slave of the healer عبدل شفیع
Abdush Shafi slave of the healer. عبدل شفیع
Abeera rose, sandal saffron mixed together in fragrance. عبیرہ
Abheeshek consecrating or to crown ابھیشک
Abhejat Transparent ابھیجات
Abhideep illuminated ابھیدیپ
Abhijvala blazing forth ابھیجوالا
Abhilaasa wish; desire ابھیلاسہ
Abhilaasha wish; desire ابھیلاشا
Abhilesh immortal; unique ابھیلیش
Abhimanini proud of herself ابھیمنینی
Abhimanuya the son of arjun in mahabharat ابھیمانوا
Abhinandan greetings; felicitous; welcoming ابھینندان
Abhinay expression ابھینو
Abhir mighty one ابھیر