Baby Names With Origin chinese

chinese Baby names meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days.

Aaween “fresh”, “clean” اوین
Awaisha “those who are living well عوایشہ
Da To attain دا
Fai Beginning فائی
Gang Hard; Unyielding گنگ
Khafifah “nimble”, “agile” خفیفہ
Kifayah “contentment”, “satisfaction کفایہ
Kong Bright کونگ
Lam Forest لام
Maemi A truthful smile مایمی
Maho Truth ماہو
Mai A person who dances with great grace مائی
Ming Bright منگ
Musidah “helper” مسعدہ
Nam South Or Manly نم
Park Cypress Tree پارک
Ping Duckweed پنگ
Riki Power, Strength رکی
Sheng Victory شنگ
Tae Great person ٹائی
Tai Yang Sun تائی ینگ
Waasif Describing واصف
Yoon Allow or consent یون
Zhen Precious زہن