Christian Baby Names Meaning In English And Urdu

Christian Baby names meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days.

Aadam of the earth آدم
Aadan of the earth عادن
Aadrian sea آدریان
Aafje Unknown افجی
Aaidan a fiery young man آیدان
Aaiden a fiery young man آیداین
Aaidyn a fiery young man آیداین
Aamanda one who is much loved امنڈا
Aamani one who is peaceful / one with wishes and dreams امنی
Aamber resembling the jewel ; a warm honey color امبر
Aamiya nectar ; delight amlan unfading ; ever bright عامیا
Aana a woman graced with god آنا
Aanick Merciful انیک
Aaria a beautiful melody آریا
Aariana resembling silver / one who is holy آریانہ
Aarianna resembling silver / one who is holy آریننا
Aaric rule with mercy آرک
Aariel a lion of god آریل
Aarielle a lion of god آرییللی
Aaronn exalted one آرون
Aarron exalted one آرون
Aava bird/ from the water اوہ
Aaydan a young man ایدن
Aayla from the oak tree ایلا
Abarne Branches ابرن
Abasalom Father of peace اباسلوم
Abayomi bringer of happiness ابایومی
Abba born on a thursday ابا
Abbed Worshipper اببعد
Abbey Father rejoiced, or father's joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament... ذہین، خوبصورت ابیگیل پرانے عہد نامہ
Abbie intelligent ابی
Abbigale the source of a father اببگلی
Abbott priest عبوط
Abby intelligent ابے
Abdiel servent of god ابدیل
Abel breath, child ابیل
Abhatha A cultural and enthusiastic person ابھاتھا
Abida worshipper عابدا
Abidan my father is judge عابدن
Abie father or mother of many ابیع
Abigail Father in rejoicing ابیگیل
Abijah the lord is my father ابیجاھ
Abinoam father of pleasantness ابینہام
Abishalom father of peace ابیشالو م
Abiud my father is majesty ابیود
Abner the father of light ابنیر
Abot father ابوٹ
Abraam father of nations ابرام
Abrahem father of a mighty nation ابراہیم
Abram a form of abraham ابرام
Abrasha father ابراشا
Abrianna mother of many nations ابریاننا
Absolom my father is peace ابسولوم
Acacia the wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle اکاکیا
Acacio adam - the first man اکاسیو
Accacia the wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle اکککیا
Ace number one ایس
Achazia the lord holds اچازیہ
Ackerley meadow of oak trees اککرلی
Ackley meadow of oak trees اکلے
Acotas Group Of Horses اکوٹس
Acton oak tree settlement اکٹن
Adalia just, noble one عدلیہ
Adallyn of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor اداللین
Adalyn of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor ادالین
Adalynn of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor ادالینن
Adamina daughter of the earth ادامنہ
Adamma Beautiful Girl ادمہ
Adda ornament ; beautiful addition to the family ادا
Addai man of god ادائی
Addalyn of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor ادّلین
Addalynn of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor اددلینن
Addam of the earth آدم
Addan of the earth آدان
Addeline noble kind اددلنی
Adden one who is fiery ; little fire ا یڈن
Addison son of adam ا یڈ یسن
Addo happy, ornament ا یڈو
Addonis in mythology , a handsome young man loved by aphrodite ا یڈونس
Addriana dark اددرینا
Addrianna dark اددریاننا
Addy Noble ایڈی
Addyson a form of addison عددیسوں
Adeen little fire shining brightly ادین
Adelaide noble kind, adorned ادلعدی
Adelee of the nobility ; serene ; of good humor ادلیی
Adelina a form of adeline ادلینا
Adeline a form of adelaide ادلینی
Aden handsome, adorned ادین
Adena delicate, sensual ادنا
Adenn one who is fiery ; little fire اڈنن
Aderes one who protects ادریس
Adiba cultured, polite
Adilene a form of adeline ادیلنی
Adilenne noble ادلننی
Adin beautiful, adorned ادن
Adina voluptous ادنا
Adine delicate ادنی
Adley just
Adli just, wise ادلی