Christian Boy Baby Names Meaning In English And Urdu

Christian boy Baby Names Meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days

Aadam of the earth آدم
Aadan of the earth عادن
Aadrian sea آدریان
Aaidan a fiery young man آیدان
Aaiden a fiery young man آیداین
Aaidyn a fiery young man آیداین
Aanick Merciful انیک
Aaric rule with mercy آرک
Aaronn exalted one آرون
Aarron exalted one آرون
Aaydan a young man ایدن
Abasalom Father of peace اباسلوم
Abayomi bringer of happiness ابایومی
Abba born on a thursday ابا
Abbed Worshipper اببعد
Abbey Father rejoiced, or father's joy. Gives joy. The intelligent, beautiful Abigail was Old Testament... ذہین، خوبصورت ابیگیل پرانے عہد نامہ
Abbie intelligent ابی
Abbott priest عبوط
Abby intelligent ابے
Abdiel servent of god ابدیل
Abel breath, child ابیل
Abhatha A cultural and enthusiastic person ابھاتھا
Abida worshipper عابدا
Abidan my father is judge عابدن
Abie father or mother of many ابیع
Abijah the lord is my father ابیجاھ
Abinoam father of pleasantness ابینہام
Abishalom father of peace ابیشالو م
Abiud my father is majesty ابیود
Abner the father of light ابنیر
Abot father ابوٹ
Abraam father of nations ابرام
Abrahem father of a mighty nation ابراہیم
Abram a form of abraham ابرام
Abrasha father ابراشا
Absolom my father is peace ابسولوم
Acacio adam - the first man اکاسیو
Ace number one ایس
Ackerley meadow of oak trees اککرلی
Ackley meadow of oak trees اکلے
Acton oak tree settlement اکٹن
Addai man of god ادائی
Addam of the earth آدم
Addan of the earth آدان
Adden one who is fiery ; little fire ا یڈن
Addison son of adam ا یڈ یسن
Addo happy, ornament ا یڈو
Addonis in mythology , a handsome young man loved by aphrodite ا یڈونس
Adeen little fire shining brightly ادین
Aden handsome, adorned ادین
Adenn one who is fiery ; little fire اڈنن
Adiba cultured, polite
Adley just
Adli just, wise ادلی
Admon red peony ادمون
Adney noble's island ادنیے
Adon lord ادونی
Adonai my lord
Adonnis in mythology , a handsome young man loved by aphrodite ادوننس
Adriaan a man from hadria ادریان
Adrianno dark , rich ادریانو
Adriano from hadria ادریانو
Adriell of god's congregation ادریل
Ahab brother of father اھاب
Ahaziah god holds احازیاه
Ahearn lord of horses اہیرن
Aherin lord of horses اھیرن
Aherne lord of horses اھیرن
Ahijah Brother of the Lord ابھیجا
Ahmaad most highly adored , or most praised ; variation of the name muhammad اھماد
Ahmik strength of gods flock اھمیک
Aidann Help, Intelligent ایدان
Aiddan Help, Intelligent ایدان
Aidden Help, Intelligent ایدین
Aidenn Intelligent ایدین
Aiiden inteligent عیدین
Aimery home-ruler ایمرے
Aitan fights of possession ایطان
Alaan handsome الان
Alan rock, آلان
Alann handsome آلان
Alden old; wise protector الدین
Aldous from the old house الدویس
Aldred old; wise counselor الدرید
Aldrich wise counselor الدریچ
Aldwin old friend الدوین
Aleksandar defending men الیکساندار
Alessandro defending men الیسساندرو
Alex a helper and defender of mankind الیکس
Alexandro defending men الیگزنڈر
Alexxander a helper and defender of mankind الیگزنڈر
Alf A familiar form of alfred الف
Alfie a familiar form of alfred الفی
Alford old river ford الفورڈ
Alfred Ruler of the Elves الفورڈ
Algar noble الگر
Alger noble الگر
Algernon bearded الگیرنون
Algie a familiar form of algernon الگی
Alian tall الیان