Aarusha Name Meaning

Name Aarusha
Meaning First Rays Of The Morning Sun
Origin Hindi
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 9
Religion Hindu
Supportive Numbers 1,3,6
Ruling Hours 1am To 3am
Lucky Days Monday,wednesday
Life Pursuit You Are Strong By Muscles And Intentions, You Are Willing To Survive Against Many Oppositions.
Ruling Planet Mercury
Auspicious Metal Bronze,silver
Passion You Want To Love Some At Deep And Also Expect From Person To Love You In Depth With Sincerity.
Auspicious Color Violet,blue
Auspicious Stones Lapis Lazuli
Alternate Stones Black Onyx,aquamarine
ارشا نام کا مطلب اردو میں پڑھیں

Aarusha is an Hindu girl name, meaning first rays of the morning sun. According to numerology, mercury is the ruling planet for Aarusha. 9 is the lucky number for Aarusha and favorable numbers are 1,3,6. The ruling hours for Aarusha are 1am To 3am while lucky days have been monday,wednesday.

violet,blue is the lucky colours for this name. bronze,silver is the lucky metal for Aarusha. lapis lazuli is the lucky stone while alternative favorable stones are Aarusha lucky stones are lapis lazuli while alternative favorable stones are Black Onyx,aquamarine.

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