Balsam Name Meaning

Name Balsam
Meaning Balm
Origin German
Gender Girl
Religion Christian
Supportive Numbers 3,8,9
Ruling Hours 5am To 7am
Lucky Days Sunday, Tuesday
Life Pursuit You Are Emotional And You Find Financial Security.
Auspicious Metal Copper
Auspicious Color Yellow, Blue, White
Auspicious Stones Turquoise
Alternate Stones Apache Tear, Aquamarine, Coral, Obsidian
بلسم نام کا مطلب اردو میں پڑھیں

Balsam is an Christian girl name, meaning Balm and favorable numbers are 3,8,9. The ruling hours for Balsam are 5am To 7am while lucky days have been sunday, tuesday.

yellow, blue, white is the lucky colours for this name. copper is the lucky metal for Balsam. turquoise is the lucky stone while alternative favorable stones are Balsam lucky stones are turquoise while alternative favorable stones are Apache Tear, Aquamarine, Coral, Obsidian.

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