Husul Name Meaning

Name Husul
Meaning Happening, Event
Origin Arabic
Gender Boy
Lucky Number 8
Religion Muslim
Supportive Numbers 5, 7, 8
Ruling Hours 1pm To 3pm
Lucky Days Monday, Thursday
Life Pursuit You Always Try To Ask For Intimacy And Reassurance Of Stuff You Hear Or See.
Ruling Planet The Moon
Auspicious Metal Silver
Passion You Want Your Life To Be Perfect As It Could Be In Every Sense Either Its As Emotionally, Spiritually, Romantically Or Financially.
Auspicious Color White, Pink, Light Green
Auspicious Stones Moonstone
Alternate Stones Pearl, Ruby
حُسُل نام کا مطلب اردو میں پڑھیں

Husul is an Muslim boy name, meaning happening, event. According to numerology, the moon is the ruling planet for Husul. 8 is the lucky number for Husul and favorable numbers are 5, 7, 8. The ruling hours for Husul are 1pm To 3pm while lucky days have been monday, thursday.

white, pink, light green is the lucky colours for this name. silver is the lucky metal for Husul. moonstone is the lucky stone while alternative favorable stones are Husul lucky stones are moonstone while alternative favorable stones are Pearl, Ruby.

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