Mukhlisa Name Meaning

Name Mukhlisa
Meaning Devoted, Faithful
Origin Urdu
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 4
Religion Muslim
Supportive Numbers 4,6,7
Ruling Hours 1am To 3am
Lucky Days Saturday,thursday
Life Pursuit You Try To Explore Things In Depth Which Could Lead You In Difficulties Sometime.
Ruling Planet Mars
Auspicious Metal Bronze,silver
Passion You Want Your Life To Be Perfect As It Could Be In Every Sense Either Its As Emotionally, Spiritually, Romantically Or Financially.
Auspicious Color Peach,red
Auspicious Stones Turquoise
Alternate Stones Peridot,turquoise
مخلصا نام کا مطلب اردو میں پڑھیں

Mukhlisa is an Muslim girl name, meaning devoted, faithful. According to numerology, mars is the ruling planet for Mukhlisa. 4 is the lucky number for Mukhlisa and favorable numbers are 4,6,7. The ruling hours for Mukhlisa are 1am To 3am while lucky days have been saturday,thursday.

peach,red is the lucky colours for this name. bronze,silver is the lucky metal for Mukhlisa. turquoise is the lucky stone while alternative favorable stones are Mukhlisa lucky stones are turquoise while alternative favorable stones are Peridot,turquoise.

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