Waddood Name Meaning

Name Waddood
Meaning Friend, Companion, Beloved
Origin Arabic
Gender Boy
Religion Muslim
Supportive Numbers 9, 5
Ruling Hours 9am To 11am
Lucky Days Sunday, Tuesday
Life Pursuit You Are Strong By Muscles And Intentions, You Are Willing To Survive Against Many Oppositions.
Auspicious Metal Bronze, Copper
Auspicious Color Red, Rust, Light Green
Auspicious Stones Sapphire
Alternate Stones Amber, Coral, Rose Quartz, Turquoise
ودود نام کا مطلب اردو میں پڑھیں

Waddood is an Muslim boy name, meaning Friend, Companion, Beloved and favorable numbers are 9, 5. The ruling hours for Waddood are 9am To 11am while lucky days have been sunday, tuesday.

red, rust, light green is the lucky colours for this name. bronze, copper is the lucky metal for Waddood. sapphire is the lucky stone while alternative favorable stones are Waddood lucky stones are sapphire while alternative favorable stones are Amber, Coral, Rose Quartz, Turquoise.

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