Baby Names With Origin german

german Baby names meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days.

Aya Bird آیا
Balsam Balm بلسم
Bart Bright Shining برٹ
Benjy Son Of My Right Hand بنجے
Ehan full moon احان
Falk Hawk فلک
Falken Surname related to falconry فالکن
Lang Tall Man لانگ
Mehpare Shining Like a Moon Brilliant and Radiant like moon مہپیر
Paco Frenchman پاکو
Rab Bright Famous One راب
Runs light, ray رنس
Saacha A person who helps and defends people ساچا
Taleja Of a noble kind تلیجہ
Uberto Bright mind; Intelligenta ابیرٹو