Baby Names With Origin greek

greek Baby names meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days.

Apollo Destroyer اپلو
Argus Bright ارگس
Aristotle the sense ارسطو
Artemus Artemis آرٹیموس
Astra Star اسٹرا
Astro The Stars اسٹرو
Atra pure drills ticker عترہ
Damas overwhelming داماس
Farnas lion-hearted person فرناس
Filia Friendship,love (in greek); daughter( Latin) فلیا
Hadria Town In Northern Italy ہدریا
Jannat heaven, garden جنت
Korin maiden کورین
Marsia dedicated to mars مارسیا
Nasia born on christmas نسیا
Pablo Humble پبلو
Sikandar name of a famous sovereign سکندر
Socrat power سوکرات
Tabea From the ecclesiastic greek tabeitha تابیہ
Teffania She who has seen God تفانیہ
Zeno Guest, Host زینو