Muslim Boy Baby Names Meaning In English And Urdu

Muslim boy Baby Names Meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days

Aabad Time عباد
Aaban 8th Persian month, angel of iron آبان
Aabid worshiper, devotee عابد
Aabideen worshipers عابدین
Aabinus ebony آبنوس
Aabzaari seeds عابزاری
Aabzari Seeds, One who sows عابزاری
Aadeel just عدیل
Aadheen Obedient,Submissive. آدھین
Aadhil Honorable Judge عادھل
Aadil just عادل
Aaf Forgiveness, Forgiving آف
Aafaaq Horizon Collecting Blessed آفاق
Aafeen to forgive mistake عافین
Aafi to forgive عافی
Aafiq Honest افق
Aafreen brave, acclaim آفرین
Aafsar rapidly that works عافسر
Aaftaab sun آفتاب
Aaghaa master, owner آغا
Aahad Individual, Harmony, Oneness, Unity, One, Single, احد
Aahd Pledge, knowledge احد
Aahid the commitment احد
Aahin Ascetic آهن
Aaid restore آيد
Aaied the relapse عائد
Aaien darwish adjectives عاہن
Aaiez depandent عائز
Aaiz liquid gold,Replacement عايز
Aakhil World اخل
Aaki to establishment عاکی
Aakif given, attached عاکف
Aakrama A famous companion of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) اکرمہ
Aalam world, universe عالم
Aalamgeer conqueror of the world عالمگیر
Aalee Sublime, High الے
Aali sublime عالی
Aalif affectionate آلف
Aalim wise عالم
Aaliyan High Status, Exalted, Sublime and Superb عالیان
Aamad intended to عامد
Aameen faithful, trustworthy آمین
Aamer ruler, who ordered آمر
Aamil worker, effective عامل
Aamin god have it so آمین
Aamir populous, full, prosperous, amply settled, civilized. also used to refer to a prince or ruler عامر
Aaqaa master, owner آقا
Aaqib in sindhi meaning is follower عاقب
Aarib handsome, healthy. عارب
Aarif acquainted, knowledgeable, devotee عارف
Aarzam war, battle, quarrel. ارزم
Aarzu wish, hope, love. آرزو
Aas naga keep names of the leading sahabi عاص
Aasaal evening time, real, pure اسال
Aasaf clear, lined up آصَف
Aasfa Protector, guardian. آصفہ
Aasil to attack violently and persistently اصیل
Aasim in muslim meaning is protector عاصم
Aatazaz be dear اعتزاز
Aati achieves عاطی
Aauf Guest, fragrance, lion, Name of a Sahabi عوف
Aaus A name of a tree عاوس
Aawf lion,sahabi عؤف
Aayaan Long night, Improvisation, Impulse, Instinct, Intuition آيان
Aayed obligor عاید
Aayiz replacement عايِض
Aazaad variant of azad independent, free آزاد
Aazad free, independent آزاد
Aazam supreme, powerful اعظم
Aazim Intending, determining, resolved on اعظم
A'azz mightier, stronger, dearer, more beloved عاز
Abaab oftnessl gracefulness of youth, healthy, plump, tall اباب
Abaan old arabic name ابان
Abaas Name of the prophet's S.A.W uncle عباس
Ababil crowd, band, swallow ابابیل
Abad everlasting, eternal عباد
Abadah endurance, durability, strength, worshippers عبادہ
Abadard prosperous ابدرد
Abadi eternal, endless, immortal آبادی
Abadilat God's man عبادلت
Abadiya ibn al abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style. عبادیا
Abadullah to worship allah عباد اﷲ
Abahat Correct, Accurate اباحت
Abahh al-abahh was the nickname of al hasan ibn ibrahim, an astrologer of al mamun أباه
Abaid god's worshipper; god knows عبید
Abaj eternity آباج
Abakhtar planet, north اباختر
Aban old arabic name dual of abu ابان
Abanjar tall, stout ابنجر
Abann tall, strong ابن
Abannak firm, strong آبَننَک
Abanus ebony آبانوس
Abar son of arphaxad and grandson of shem. عبر
Abaravand above all اباراوند
Abarin Notavan great rejuvenator عبران نوٹوں
Abarunkohuntavan preserver of ancient things ابرنکونتاواں
Abasi stern عباسی
Abasin the indus river. بسين
Abayd A narrator of hadith was so named عبید
Abbaas Stern; The Name Of One Of Mohammed'S Uncles ; (Hebrew) Father عباس