Baby Names With Origin urdu

urdu Baby names meaning in english and urdu with lucky number, religion, luky colors and lucky days.

Aabidah worshipper عبيده
Aabirah fleeting, transitory, ephemeral عبيره
Aabroo honour, fame, dignity عبرو
Aadila just, honest, equal, upright ادلا
Aaeedah visiting, returning, reward ايده
Aafiya good health, bin ayyub had this name, he was a narrator of hadith عافیہ
Aaid restore آيد
Aaidah name of a narrator of hadith أيده
Aaila beautiful, like moon عائلة
Aaima leader, ruler. ایما
Aaina mirror آئینہ
Aaira noble, respectful ایرا
Aakifa a lady who worship allah in solitude آکیفہ
Aakifah devoted, dedicated آکیفہ
Aala bounties آلا
Aalimah scholar, authority اليمه
Aamanee good wish أماني
Aamilah doer of good deeds, righteous آملہ
Aamira imperial, abundant, inhabited أميرة
Aamirah a woman inhabitig in a place اميره
Aani Fatimah Khatoon she was a literary woman and a poetess in qastaniniyah آنی فاطمه خاتون
Aania towards, direction, concern آنيا
Aanisah young lady, maiden انیسہ
Aapa big sister آپا
Aaqilah intelligent عقيله
Aara adoring آرا
Aarifah knowing, women who recognises islam عارفه
Aarzam war, battle, quarrel. ارزم
Aarzu wish, hope, love. آرزو
Aasaal evening time, real, pure اسال
Aasira bond أسيرة
Aatifa affection, sympathy اتفا
Aatiqah shoulder support old آتیقہ
Aatirah fragrant اطرح
Abadiya ibn al abadiyah was an author known for his eloquent literary style. عبادیا
Abahh al-abahh was the nickname of al hasan ibn ibrahim, an astrologer of al mamun أباه
A'baloch sweet,sugar candy آبلوچ
Abasah daughter of al-mahdi اباسہ
Abasi stern عباسی
Abasin the indus river. بسين
Abbaasah lioness, sister of haroon rashid باسه
Abd Al Ala slave of the high عبد الاعلی
Abd Khayr khayr is all kinds of goodne عبدل خیر
Abdah nick name of abdur - rehman ابداه
Abdan is derived from abd أبدا
Abdaorabeedah worshipper ابداورابیدہ
Abdin worshippers عابدين
Abdiqani qaniyare ابدیقانی
Abdud Daar servant of the depriver عبدل دار
Abdul Aakhir servant of the last عبد الاخر
Abdul Aalee servant of the most high عبدلعالی
Abdul Abdel servant (of allah) عبدلعبدل
Abdul Adheem servant of the most great عبدل ادھیم
Abdul Adl servant of the just عبدلعدل
Abdul Afuw slave of the one who pardons عبدل افو
Abdul Ahad servant of the one عبدل احد
Abdul Ali slave of the high one عبدلعلی
Abdul Aliyy servant of the most high عبدلعلی
Abdul Awwal slave of the first one عبد الاول
Abdul Baaqi servant of the everlasting عبدالباقی
Abdul Badee slave of the originator عبد لبدی
Abdul Badi servant of the incomparable عبد ل بدی
Abdul Bais slave of the one who raises عبدل بائس
Abdul Baith servant of the resurrector عبدل بیت
Abdul Baseer slave of the all-seeing عبدالبصیر
Abdul Basir servant of the all seeing عبدالبصیر
Abdul Batin slave of the unseen عبد ل بتن
Abdul Dhahir servant of the manifest عبدل داہر
Abdul Hafeedh servant of the preserver عبدل حفیدہ
Abdul Hannan slave of the merciful عبدل حنان
Abdul Hasib servant of the respected, esteemed عبدل حسیب
Abdul Hayy servant of the living عبدل حئی
Abdul Jame servant of the gatherer عبدل جامی
Abdul Jamil servant of the beautiful عبدل جمیل
Abdul Jawwad slave of the bountiful عبدل جواد
Abdul Kabir slave of the great عبدل کبیر
Abdul Kafi servant of the all-sufficien عبدل کافی
Abdul Khabir servant of the aware عبدل خبیر
Abdul Khafiz servant of the descender عبدل خفیظ
Abdul Maane servant of the withholder عبدل مانی
Abdul Mani slave of one who prevents عبدل مانی
Abdul Mannan slave of the benefactor عبدل مننان
Abdul Moakhir servant of the retarder عبدل موخر
Abdul Mohsi servant of the surrounder عبدل موحثی
Abdul Momit servant of the death-giver عبدل مومیت
Abdul Moqit servant of the energizer عبدل موقت
Abdul Mubdee slave of the originator عبدل مبدے
Abdul Mubdi servant of the originator عبدل مبدی
Abdul Mueed slave of the restorer, the reproducer عبدل معید
Abdul Mueid servant of the restorer عبدل معید
Abdul Muhsi servant of the reckoner عبدل محثی
Abdul Muhsin slave of the benefactor عبدل محسن
Abdul Muhyee slave of the one who gives life and sustains it عبدل مہیی
Abdul Muhyi servant of the giver of life عبدل مہیی
Abdul Muid servant of the restorer عبدل مئید
Abdul Mumin servant of the giver of faith عبدل مومن
Abdul Muntaqim slave of him who punishes wrongdoings and seizes retribution عبدل منتقم
Abdul Muqeet slave of the sustainer عبدل مقیت
Abdul Muqsit slave of the just عبدل مقست
Abdul Musawwir servant of the fashioner عبدل مصویر