Poetry is basically the form of literature, but it's widespread called language of the soul to speak up inner feelings and thoughts in a rhythmic form of linguistic pieces of short sentences.

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Poetry has a long history dating back to the ancient times. But, in each context of every poem, the poets have described their inner feeling about different issues of the society. History is full of war poetry in which poets have inspired their soldiers to fight for the honour of their land. That kind of poetry is called Patriotic Potery.

However, there is another form of poetry which carries unlimited emotions for the description of love. Love Poetry has filled the heart of almost every Lover with impulsive emotions over the time. Apart from that, Poets have also praised the beauty of their beloved ones in the Love Poetry.

Sad Poetry or Heart Broken Poetry is a type of poetry in which the Poet describes the sad emotions after its break up. Moreover, the poet remebers the promises made with his or her lover and the moments the poet spent with its lover.

In contrast, Romantic Poetry describes the different love emotions the poet feels after falling in love. This type of poetry explains how the poet feels about love and describes the emotions of desire for love.

Apart from that Sufi Poetry explain the sipritual thoughts of the poet. The Poet describes his emotions about the soul. This is one of the popular poetry types in Sub-continent and Poets such as Allama Iqbal have best described it in their poems.

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