Birthday Poetry in Urdu - New Urdu Birthday Shayari

سالگرہ شاعری

شاعری بات نہیں گرم سخن ہونے کی

گوہر ہوشیارپوری


فیض احمد فیض

جب سر بام وہ خورشید جمال آتا ہے

چرخ چنیوٹی

میرا جنم دن

باقر مہدی

آئنہ ہے خیال کی حیرت

اورنگ زیب

ماں کی دعا نہ باپ کی شفقت کا سایا ہے

انجم سلیمی

سچا دیا

اکبر حیدرآبادی

میں تکیے پر ستارے بو رہا ہوں

اعتبار ساجد

میں تکیے پر ستارے بو رہا ہوں

اعتبار ساجد

Get birthday Urdu shayari and birthday wishes with Urdu dua. Get birthday poetry in Urdu for lover, friend, sister, teacher, husband and wife. Find happy birthday wishes in Urdu shayari.

Birthday is celebrated widely all around the globe. It is the day when everyone is excited and amused. Surprise parties are thrown for family and friends on their birthdays along with bunch of wonderful gifts as well. People usually invite their friends and family members to their places on their birthdays and enjoy celebrating with their loved ones.

New trend is of hanging out with friends and mates and celebrating birthdays in public places like restaurants, hotels, parks and various other amusement places. Birthday memories are captured, saved as pictures and videos from the advent of camera. Birthday Selfies nowadays are the hottest trend.

Apart from all other important things regarding birthdays, birthday poetry is something that possesses reputation. Birthday poetry comprise mostly of birthday wishes and greetings. Here you can find massive variety of birthday poems and rhymes in Urdu. Get all kind of birthday poetry in Urdu specifically.