About Us

Darsaal came into being in 2018 aiming to solve as many problems of Pakistanis in terms of providing them an all-in-one platform where they can have everything of daily routine, data and information. With the abundance of information and users in Pakistan, it was need of the time to launch a portal with most authentic information easily accessible across the platforms so they don't need to roam around the web.

Darsaal is equally fulfiling the needs of all genders, age groups, professionals, students, Doctors, lawyers, farmers, investors, businessmen and people who belong to any other field.

We are trying to give every possible informative content related to every field of life. We have made dedicated section of every niche including religion, business, sports, name meanings, Urdu columns, latest viral videos, prize bonds, weather update, dictionary in 6 major languages, Live tv channels, updated daily jobs, mobile prices with their specs and comparisons and laptop prices and their specs.

You can find the biggest dictionary in 6 languages on Darsaal with the maximum possible information regarding word meanings.

We are providing PSX live updates including Forex rates, Meta rates , petrol rates including Bonds, cryptocurrencies and currency converters.

We are focusing on current political situations and elections with Election section. Education section is also provided for students to increase their knowledge and latest result updates.

If you want to contribute in making Darsaal a better place for all internet users, please contact us at [email protected]

We will be soon launching a reward system through which your contribution will not only be acknowledged but proper reward will be awarded based on reward points you will earn.