Abbreviation And Terms Used In Hajj Policy & Plan 2018

Abbreviation and Terms Used In Hajj Policy & Plan 2018

ASA: Air Services Agreement.
ANF: Anti Narcotics Force
CCP: Competition Commission of Pakistan
CDC Complaint Disposal Committee
CHD: Compulsory Hajj Dues
CNIC: Computerized National Identity Card.
DSR: Daily Situation Report
EMS: Emergency Management System
EOBI Employees Old age Benefits Institution
ERT: Emergency Response Team
GOP: Government of Pakistan.
Govt.: Government.
HGO: Hajj Group Organizer.
HOAP: Hajj Organizers Association of Pakistan.
HAC: Hajj Advisory Committee.
KSA: Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.
Mashaair: Mina-Muzdalfa-Arafat
Makaatib: Service Offices of Moassassah South Asia, Makkah.
MOU: Memorandum of Understanding.
MORA & IH: Ministry of Religious Affairs & Interfaith Harmony.
OPAP: Office of Pilgrim Affairs of Pakistan.
PIA: Pakistan International Airline.
PITB: Punjab Information Technology Board.
PPRA: Public Procurement Regulatory Authority.
PMDC: Pakistan Medical and Dental Council.
PEQ: Personal Exchange Quota.
Rs: Rupees.
SECP: Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan
SR: Saudi Riyal.
SPA: Service Provider Agreement.
SOPs: Standard Operating Procedures.

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