Pakistan's First Digit Feature Starring Fahad Sheikh & Mahenur Haider

Pakistan's First Digit Feature Starring Fahad Sheikh & Mahenur Haider

Fahad Sheikh, a name known to all of us for intense & effortless acting. Fahad is undoubtedly touching new heights of his acting career. After proving himself in Drama serials such as Mubarik ho beti hui hai, Bandish, Khudparast, the blockbuster Jalan and many more, Fahad Sheikh is now on another breakthrough in his career with becoming the Lead of Pakistan's First Digital Feature Film "YOU..ME..US"

Fahad Sheikh with his work of art has been casted in Pakistan's first ever multimedia feature film, which is scheduled to be finished and released by the end of this year. The female lead star of the film is Mahenur Haider.

We believe that Digital Films are unquestionably a major influence in today's culture, people are more drawn towards digital platforms for their binge watch instead of TV Screens and this ratio is increasing at a fast pace. Just like other developed film industries, Pakistan needs to develop the film industry digitally aswell. We are eager for the forthcoming film that will be released online.

The recent work of Fahad Sheikh and Sohail Javed was a short film ‘Naam Kya Rakha' which attracted 1 million organic views online on YouTube. Fahad Sheikh and Hajra Yamin's excellent performance and the entertaining plot made everyone want to return and watch it a second time. It would be fascinating for the viewer to watch an actor-director duo work once again.

Contrary to common expectation, Fahad expressed that signing wasn't a difficult process because he had strong rapport with the director and they got along well. In an recent TV show Fahad said that "Sohail Bhai understands me so well and his vast experience is a perfect leaning opportunity for me. But this is not a usual project. I truly think that this is going to be an exciting and memorable experience,” he further declared.

Fahad also lauded the female protagonist, Mahenur. “She's a nice person, committed, honest and very friendly.” he praised.

Mahenur Haider graced the screens with her starring role in the blockbuster Teefa in Trouble. Mahenur has also appeared in two short films on Digital Media.

It has been agreed that the film will be released online, but the portal has yet to be figured out.

‘U..Me..Us', latest series will be loved by the growing youth, of Pakistan. The tale is pure and frank and talks of passion. The story has a lot of emotional strength, the storyline revolves around a boy who falls in love with a girl.

There is no question that this show brings a new tale and interests the audiences and anticipates fans of the stars.

The films are both fascinating and worth watching because of the on-screen pairing and the upcoming plot.

Pakistan's First Digit Feature Starring Fahad Sheikh & Mahenur Haider

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