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ARY News is one of the biggest media houses in Pakistan and it covers all the news regarding politics, sports, current affairs, entertainment and other aspects of the life. The ground breaking shows of this channel are the primary reason behind the immense popularity and acceptance in the media world. Watch all the programs, talk shows, news bulletins and other documentaries of ARY News Live.

Darsaal allows you the opportunity to view all the popular ARY Urdu current affair shows from the well reputed journalists as well. The unbiased analysis and the conduction of marathon transmissions on different events in Pakistan makes ARY News channel as the leading Urdu News channel in the world. In addition to that, the inimitable reporting style of the ARY network attracts many people from all the areas of the field.

ARY Urdu News Live is also famous for covering the controversies, especially in the mainstream politics as well. Recently, the Panama Case, Ayesha Gulalai allegations, PSL Spot Fixing Scandal and other hot topics were first broken by ARY news network.

The exclusive briefing of the ARY News in Urdu Live about the latest trending news can also be seen on our platform. Not only the trending updates, but also the most popular breathtaking programs of this channel are available on this page.

Watch the ground breaking ARY programs, including The Reporters, 11th Hour, Aiteraz Hai, Zimmedar Kaun, Power Play, Off the Record, Sawal Yeh Hai, Off the Record, Criminals Most Wanted, Live with Dr Shahid Masood, and many others.

Indeed, the secret recipe behind the domination of the ARY News Urdu is the top-notch anchors who brings the accurate and authentic stats to the public on a daily basis. View the extensive analysis of the experienced analysts like Dr Shahid Masood, Kashif Abbassi, Rauf Klasra, Sabir Shakir, Wasim Badami, Arshad Sharif, Iqrar ul Hassan to name a few. Watch the most scintillating ARY TV show Sar e Aaam from here as well. One of the most watchable morning shows in Pakistan is The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch is also aired on ARY from Monday to Friday.

Get the detailed updates of ARY live streaming from here. View all the latest happenings of the world by watching the hourly news bulletin of ARY news from our online platform. So just visit and keep your eye on the changing scenarios of Politics and current affairs around the globe.

Popular TV Shows:

Sar e Aaam:

Sar e Aaam is certainly one of the most watchable shows in Pakistan with record breaking viewer ship. Iqrar ul Hassan’s show identifies the hidden evils of our society by catching them red handedly. Watch every single show of Sar e Aaam on

Off the Record:

Kashif Abbasi’s intense discussion and the grip on the current affairs provides a great analysis for all the viewers. The provoked conversation of this talkative anchor with the guests is a prodigious source of information and awareness for the masses. Visit all the programs of Off the Record on this page.

Live With Dr Shahid Masood:

Dr Shahid Masood is undoubtedly one of the most senior journalists in the country. View the Shahid Masood’s exclusive analysis and predictions on Live with Dr Shahid Masood from

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