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In the list of Islamic Channels, Hadi TV is right up there at the top of the list. Hadi TV focuses more on the Shia school of thought and presents their vision of Ahl e Bait through their programs and informative sessions. Hadi TV has been named after the 10th Imam Al Hadi hence it is precisely called Hadi TV. Watch the live streaming of Hadi TV channel on our website.

Darsaal is the best online platform where you can view the Hadi TV live with just one click. The popularity of this channel is increasing on a daily basis and now the programs of the Hadi TV has broadcasted in 13 languages.

Hadi TV channel telecasts its programs in different countries of the globe, including Pakistan, Iraq, Thailand, India, United States, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Watch the daily Hadi TV programs on this page.

We also provide the opportunity to watch the Hadi TV videos, Hadi TV live Karbala transmission, Hadi TV Muharram Transmission special, and Hadi TV Live majlis on our website. So, by visiting our platform Darsaal.com, all the Hadi TV channel programs will be at your fingertips.