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World Weather Foracast Today - We have introduced the Weather forecast section for the Pakistani citizens living in any city or province of Pakistan. There is no need to wait for the TV headlines about weather as our Live Weather Forecast section will bring the details of weather change in Pakistan on daily basis. You will now be able to get the details weather of not only your city, but the colony or Mohala in you are living.

Our Weather portal is the most updated Weather in Pakistan that will notifiy you with even a single change of temperature, snowfall chances, rain chances, humidity in air, cloud climate change, earth quake change or result. A very high profil “Weather Directory” of Darsaal is the ultimate source of authenticity of Weather changes in Pakistan online. 

As you can see above in our Weather Directory the temperature of your city, colony and area is mentioned. The displayed weather is having some sort of details related to Air humidity, temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit with rain or snowfall chances in upcoming days. This weather directory will show you weather changes in upcoming 15 days or months in your city. We have targeted every city and every corner of Pakistan including rular and urban areas in Pakistan. So this sort of unique Weather section is only available on Darsaal. This directory can help farmers too, who wait for the news on Television or radio about rain chances as this section will provide details about rain chances in their area or field even in urdu langauge.