Zephyrs Textile

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Name Zephyrs Textile
City Multan
Type Clothing & Fashion
Email [email protected]
Phone # +92-61-6774777
Mobile # +92-300-8731203
Contact Person Hammad Haseeb
Address 4-T service road, Near Raheem Chowk
Description We are manufacturer and exporter of Bath towels, Kitchen Towels, Aprons, Oven Gloves, Adult bibs, Baby bibs, Cotton summer blankets, cotton shopping bags, Knitted fitted sheet, work wear overall, uniforms and allied items. We are exporting these to several retail chains, hotels, importers and wholesalers in EU, Middle East and USA. Continuous production has enabled us to serve both the large and small customers, successfully. An experience of 15 years made us compete by prices and quality. Firm supervision of each order distinguishes us from our competitors. To our pride, we are now serving our own competitors in china.

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