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Upcoming Mobiles in Pakistan

50,000 Rupees and Above Range Mobiles in Pakistan

More 50,000 and Above Mobiles

40,000 to 50,000 Rupees Range Mobiles in Pakistan

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30,000 to 40,000 Rupees Range Mobiles in Pakistan

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20,000 to 30,000 Rupees Range Mobiles in Pakistan

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10,000 to 20,000 Rupees Range Mobiles in Pakistan

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5,000 to 10,000 Rupees Range Mobiles in Pakistan

More 5,000 to 10,000 Mobiles

Mobile phone is a digital phone, commonly known as a cell phone. A portable electronic device which can make and receive calls over a radio frequency is called a mobile phone. Telephone calls can be made through a telephone network operator. The cell phone establishes a connection with the network of the phone operator which provides access to the Public Service Telephone network. Now a days mobile phones have become a common source to contact with our dear family members and friends. Not only they have turned our world into a global village, but they provide immediate access for instant communication.

Communication is the best medium to transmit the information. Back in the old days, when the modern technology was not invented, Kings used to keep messengers who conveyed their messages to other kingdoms. Apart from it, the use of pigeons or ravens was also common in ancient times for the communication between two sources.

However, with the invention of modern technology, telephones became a great source for the communication. Sir Alexander Graham Bell, who designed and invented first practical telephone in 1876, was the first person to make a telephone call. As, the early telephones were in analog technology, they used wired communication between two telephone lines.

But, with the voyage of technology to the modern age, the wired telephones became wireless telephones. Because, they used radio frequency to transmit the communication instead of wired transmission, so they were called digital phones.

The early telephones were being used for only to make and receive call, when the idea of text messaging was introduced. So, cell phone now could transmit messages and make calls. The modern technology has now enabled telephones to make video calls, use android apps. As, mobile phones have now become mini computers. They can now perform any routine task of your daily life.

With the invention of advance technology Cell phones now use operating systems. The android phone is a mobile phone which uses any type of android operating system. It allows mobile users to download and enjoy the android applications. The android operating system is based on the mobile version of Linux Operating System.

Many electronics companies such as Samsung, Apple,OPPO, Nokia, Infinix and Sony has introduced different models of their cell phones. However, Samsung mobiles and IPhones are very much popular among the mobile phone users due their vast features and attractive designs.

We review each and every model of top mobile brands such as Huawei, Tecno,, Samsung Mobiles and IPhone. You can compare the prices, mobile specifications and read mobile reviews to check what mobile is suitable for you. You can also check Mobile pictures to see the designs of latest stylish mobiles.

An android cell phone have following common features:

  •         Messaging
  •         Calling
  •         Camera
  •         Internet Browsing
  •         Android Applications
  •         Maps
  •         Audio and video Players
  •         Others

You can make calls, send messages, browse internet, take photos, download and use android apps and listen to Mp3 and video songs. However, mobile device specifications may vary with brand name, model and prices.

Similar to other countries, cell phones are also very popular in Pakistan. According to a research, there are more than 40 million cell phone users in Pakistan. Mobile Prices in Pakistan can vary depending on the brand name, price and features of the cell phone. However, you can buy a smart phone under 20,000 Pakistani Rupees in Pakistan.