Sawsanah Name Meaning

Name Sawsanah
Meaning Lily (a Type Of Flower)
Origin Arabic
Gender Girl
Religion Muslim
Supportive Numbers 3,4,7
Ruling Hours 9am To 11am
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Life Pursuit You Feel Alone Sometimes And Wanted Yourself Connected To Others And With The World.
Auspicious Metal Silver,iron
Auspicious Color Green, Yellow
Auspicious Stones Moonstone
Alternate Stones Amber, Coral, Rose Quartz, Turquoise
سوسنہ نام کا مطلب اردو میں پڑھیں

Sawsanah is an Muslim girl name, meaning lily (a type of flower) and favorable numbers are 3,4,7. The ruling hours for Sawsanah are 9am To 11am while lucky days have been tuesday, thursday.

green, yellow is the lucky colours for this name. silver,iron is the lucky metal for Sawsanah. moonstone is the lucky stone while alternative favorable stones are Sawsanah lucky stones are moonstone while alternative favorable stones are Amber, Coral, Rose Quartz, Turquoise.

Muslim Boys Name Starting with 'S'

Saqrun Sayf Ud Din Sa'ood Shapour Shahnawaz Safwat Shafique Sheeraz Shiddiq Safir Saqr Saliim Saeeb Shahiq Shahzad Saghir Salik Shaukeen Shahzeb Sihlal

Muslim Girls Name Starting with 'S'

Saadanah Sawrah Shuhrah Sawsanah Setayesh Samaee Shaqayeq Saaim Sairah Samaal Sheedah Shaheeda Simeen Sheelana Suffah Sanj Sameere Sfiyah Sukniyyah Sohela

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